Always envy how others look fit and toned?

Always hitting the gym but never seem to be able to achieve your fitness goals?

Clients' Success Stories 

Lucas has been a personal trainer since graduation from NTU Sports Science and Management Faculty (degree with honours) in 2014. As a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Lucas has worked with clients of varying age groups and fitness goals. 

Client  |   Joey Cheng

Training Goals: Leaning out, building stronger core muscles, and conditioning for dance

Client  |   Nicholas Ng

Training Goals: Stay lean and strong despite being a busy family man and CEO


Whether you are a teenager or in your late 60s, a busy CEO or a homemaker, there will definitely be a tailored personal training program to suit your individual needs and schedule. 

  • Bulking up/ Mass gain Programme

  • Fat/ Weight-loss Programme

  • Strength Training & Conditioning

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Sport Massage Therapy

  • Post-Rehabilitation Training

  • Pre- and Post-Natal Training

  • Street Dance Fitness

  • Nutrition and Diet Planning

  • Bootcamps

Training Location 

Training will be conducted at a central Singapore gym (contact Lucas to find out more), or a gym/ location of your preference. 

Gym Workout Fundamentals 
Common Mistakes when Working Out 
TRX Exercises for Training On-the-go 

 SChedule a trial 

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