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Fitness Experiences

Besides personal training, I have had the experience of planning and conducting Corporate Fitness Experiences with partners and companies for their employees and customers both online and in-person.

Thomson Surgical Centre Ep 1

I'm excited to announce FITLUC's collaboration with Thomson Surgical Centre! Let Dr Tan, an Orthopaedic Specialist at TMC, and I bring you through the process from getting a medical diagnosis and assessment, to crafting and executing a tailored fitness programme specifically towards strengthening your body, preventing further injuries and working towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Thomson Surgical Centre Ep 2

In this second episode of the TMC x FITLUC collaboration, Dr Tan and I dive deeper into common knee injuries, symptoms, and how to strengthen the muscles around your knee as you bounce back from your injury


Wonder how fitness and street dance complement each other? Join us in the M.E.S. (Mobility, Endurance & Strength) 2022 Programme which offers different levels of difficulty to cater to dancers at an introductory to a professional level to build your physique for dance!

Dream Cruise x FITLUC

Looking for Fitness Trainers to help plan and conduct fitness classes for your customers? FITLUC is also experienced in this field and we are open to any organisations or companies looking for this service.

Jetstar x FITLUC

Looking at engaging your employees during this work from home period and helping them stay fit and active?

Check out our Online Fitness Classes conducted via ZOOM, fully customisable to all fitness levels.

Online Group Class - CRUNCHThatFitLook

During the tough period of indoor gym closure due to the pandemic, FITLUC pivoted to conduct personal training outdoors and online. Online Group Classes were held for clients looking to continue working out from home.

Maersk x FITLUC

Take a nice break from your office and clock in a good workout with us!

Organise a fun team bonding event for your company while enjoying the fresh air outdoors!

SailFit Bootcamp

Set sail on a beautiful yacht and leisurely cruise around the waters of Singapore. Embark on an adventure on Lazarus Island as our trainers take your through an exciting and memorable bootcamp! Our SailFit Bootcamp promises to be an adventure of a lifetime!

BNI Talk

I cherish every opportunity to give a talk/share to masses. I see it as my duty as a fitness professional to spread a greater message. If my words can inspire/motivate/urge just one person to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle, I'm happy. I want to look back on my life next time and know that I have made a positive impact on people's lives.

NYJC Career Talk

If you need any advice on fitness/dance or even on your current pursuits, hit me up i'll be more than willing to help

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